Male Extra- Improved Sexual Health Formula

Ads for penis enlargement products are not new to anyone. They are so common everywhere. From the magazines, websites to your inbox’s spam messages, everyone is promoting these products. The products are claimed to increase the size of penis in length and girth.

There is no strong evidence regarding each product to be helpful for it. Even a popular trend in penis enlargement is surgical treatment but no reputable hospital or health service provider offers it unless a medical condition is diagnosed.  Most of the advertised techniques are scam and only a few of them actually work. The selection for the product is a wise choice.

Random Facts about Penis Size

Mostly people fear their penis size to be small. They are embarrassed for the fact that they might fail to satisfy their partner. Studies has proved that mostly men who think they have a small penis are normal sized. There has been an exaggerated standard of a normal penis, psychologists suggest.

The average penis measures in the range of 3 to 5 inches which makes 8 to 13 centimeters, contrary to the popular belief of normal 7 inch penis. It is considered abnormally small when it is less than 3 inches in length when erected. This is a medical condition called as micro-penis which can be treated. So the normal size should not be exaggerated to be a size which is above normal, in real. Bathmate

What Women Think About Penis Size?

In all the advertisements made for penis enlargements, it is generally considered that your partner would be deeply frustrated on your size. You might fail to have a satisfied sexual relation. In a situation like this a wise approach is to talk about this with your partner. According to researches, it is proved that women are not much concerned about the size.  In fact they value love and romance more than penis size. Whatever size it is, it’s good as long its functional. Talking to your partner about the size wouldn’t make your size increase but it will help to make your relationship better and you wouldn’t be facing any constant embarrassment of small penis size.

The Poplar Trends

One of the most popular trends to make your penis big is through surgery. The surgical treatments don’t insert anything which increases the size. It removes the muscle around which exposes more shaft and the penis is thought to look bigger.

Risk and safety with a penis enlargement surgery is not guaranteed. Sometimes it may not work at all. No well-reputed medical centre advises undergoing surgery to increase size. This is a cosmetic treatment and it should not be considered as a general surgery.

What Helps In Penis Enlargement?

There are several non-surgical treatments available for penis enlargement. These methods are not usually verified so only a few products from a certified manufacturer are trustworthy, rest are just scams.


Penis enlargement pills and lotions are available which often have a vitamin, mineral or herb based formula which induces hormones, making increase in penis size. Many of these products may not work. Only the reputed manufacturers make effective products.

Mechanical devices

A popular trend is to use vacuum based pumps which makes the blood circulation better. When more blood reaches to the penis, all the hormones, vitamins and vital nutrients are reached to every cell which helps them to grow faster.  Another device is based n stretching mechanism which is similar to the exercises. Results have proved to add 1-2 inches in size with use of these devices.


Specialized types of exercises are designed for penis enlargement, stamina and strength. This is the safest technique to be used with no side effects. However, it should be properly applied otherwise it may cause a muscular injury or ligament tear.

Tips and Advice

There is no product which guarantees a huge difference of size. There are certain things which you can adopt to make life easier with a normal size penis. Above all is the communication with your partner. Break the ice and talk about it. You should lose weight because sometimes excess belly fats hide the major portion of the penis. Once the fats are lost, your penis would appear bigger. Trimming pubic hair is another factor which makes the penis appears small. Therefore they should be removed.


There are many supplements available in the market which requires no prescription. These are said to be growth promoters for penis and use a similar mechanism of growth as that of normal human body. These supplements are manufactured by a number of companies and every one claims its product to be the best of all. To find the right product, an analysis should be made. All those products which claim quick, fastest and highest results in no time are fake. There is no such thing as an easy solution. For the least risky solutions, try to find a product which suggests a combination of solutions as a plan.

Male Extra is a promising product for men which offer many benefits to the users. It increases the size, boosts the stamina and improves sexual experiences with harder erections. It uses a potential formula which is made of natural ingredients. Male Extra is a safe choice because of its formula. In a state of erection, blood circulation is high in the penis and the surrounding area. More blood the penis holds, more erect it would be for longer times.

Male Extra is designed on a different principle which expands the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood to the penis when it is erected. It results in rock hard erections to enjoy the sex at maximum. The additional benefit is intense orgasms which gives a personal satisfaction to the user. Improved blood circulation also carried oxygen, vitamins and minerals to every cell which fulfills the requirements of the cell, making it grow. This growth results in size increase of the penis. Male Extra is a detailed product which has explained its mechanism and ingredients to all the people through its official website. By far, this is one of the best solutions for enhancing masculinity.