Add to the excitement with an increased sex drive

As soon as a lady strips naked in front of a guy, this is enough to work as a trick and get them ready for some fun. But for the ladies, cuddling, kissing and foreplay is what is required to get them ready for a naughty, playful night. Women need to be caressed and fondled with love so that their wet body can accept an outside intruder whole heartedly.

As it is nature’s way, every woman produces natural lubricant that makes it easy for the penis to penetrate inside their tight vaginas for some exploring and fun. But sometimes even with all the mood and foreplay, woman may not be able to lubricate themselves resulting in painful sexual experience.  of course no women would want to experience such pain and ruin the fun but there can be some reasons that cause women to lose their natural lubrication. ProSolution Gel

  • A few reasons to acknowledge

Stress, dehydration, poor eating habits and too much scrubbing can cause women to lose their natural lubrication. Not every woman knows that the vagina has a balanced ph value and using soap to wash down there every day can disturb that balance which can open the doors to problems like infections and lack of lubrication.

Not filling your body with enough water and stressing over petty issues can also cause your vagina to go dry. From infections to poor eating habits, there can be hundreds of reasons that can cause your genitals to dry up just like the Sahara desert and so it is important to first get to the main cause and then start with the treatment. Mean while here are some things that can help ladies in gaining back their natural lubrication without having to opt for expensive procedures or products:

  1. Chill out and enjoy

Set your mind free and try to stop worrying about the next day and the work load you’ll have to deal with. When with your partner, just try to enjoy his breath on your cheeks and savor the taste of his lips on your. Block all other thoughts and just concentrate on the very moment. Chill out and put your mind at ease because too much stress can cause an imbalance of the sex hormones which lead to such consequences so that is why simply relax your nerves and give your body a chance to enjoy your partner’s touch.

  1. Maintain the pH balance

Taking care of hygiene down there is important but avoid unnecessary scrubbing every day. The vagina of every woman has a balanced pH value and chemicals in soaps or body washed can alter it causing the vagina to lose its natural lubrication. To make sure your private remains same and lubricated as well, rinse it with simple water only.

  1. Gels and creams

When nothing works and sex remains painful for you, than one should go for gels and creams available in the market for better results. Amongst all, HerSolution Gel is one of the best gels for women who cannot produce natural lubrication due to certain reasons. An amazing formula created from a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients, HerSolution Gel acts as a lubricant for your dry genitals so that sex becomes fun for gain.

Easy to use, odorless and non-sticky, this gel not only acts as a lubricant but also aims at improving your sex drive and performance so that you can experience an intense climax with strong orgasms like never before. Just rub a little inside your little pinky and feel the excitement burning inside.

  1. Foreplay is the key

Blame it on other things but not every couple understands the importance of fore playing. For a woman, a few minutes of kissing and touching is important because it stimulates and charges her body for sex which then produces lubrication for easy penetration. Jumping on directly to the main part of the sexual show will only decrease the pleasure for the both of you. If you want to feel the intensity than explore each other’s body first so that the lady gets all charged up and wet to have fun.

  • The final verdict

Vaginal dryness has become a common issue for the women these days. No matter how much they try, their private part disobeys them every time they are on the verge of having some fun which can lead to embarrassment and a painful experience.

For making your life easier and filled with fun, try HerSolution gel which is the ultimate solution for your dry vagina. And once you’ll start using it, you will be able to see a huge difference in your sex drive and will be able to shock your partner with your fiery bedroom performance. Let nothing stop you from enjoying your sex life.